The Elements

These four Elements correspond to the four directions of our physical world, the universe, the four winds, and most importantly to the four quarters of the magickal circle. Water and Earth are female energies; Fire and Air are male energies.


Air is the power of movement; of intelligence. It governs the direction of East. Its ruler is Paralda who oversees the Sylphes, Zephrs, and Nature Spirits or Faeries. Its colors are: pure yellow, lavender, and soft pastels of blue.It is considered warm and moist. Its places are mountain tops, open plains where high winds sweep, tree tops, high places, and libraries. Its positive associations are: sunrise, Spring, incense, the atheme or sword, breath, breezes, optimism, joy, intelligence, song, visualization, mental quickness. Negative associations are: frivolity, gossip, inattention, forgetfulness, bragging, windstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes. Airs creatures are: spiders, winged insects, birds and dragons.


Fire is the creator and the destroyer. It cannot exist in it's physical form with out consuming something else, thus fire transforms objects into new forms. Fire corresponds to the direction South. Its ruler is Djin (Dee-yin) who oversees the Salamanders, Firedrakes, and little ones of the sunbeams. Its colors are: Vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. It is considered warm and dry. Its places are deserts, volcanoes, ovens, fire-places, bedrooms. campfires. The possitive associations are: noon, Summer, the wand, candles, the Sun, the Stars, Purifyling, Spirit, passion, strength, transformation, intensity, and creativity. The negative associations are: anger, destruction, jealousy, hate, war, ego, conflicts, ligtning, volcanoes, and any harmful fire. Its creatures are: snakes, lizards, praying mantis, bees, scorpians, lions and the Pheonix.


Water is the cleansing, healing, psychic, loving element. It flows, comforts, and allows us to overcome adversity. It washes away our troubles and lets us feel new again. Water corresponds the the direction of West. Its ruler is Niksa who oversees the Nymphs, Undines, Mer-people, and the littles ones of the springs, lakes, ponds and rivers. Its colors are: deep blues and aquas. It is considered cold and moist. Its places are: lakes, oceans, seas, rivers, streams, fountains, waterfalls, wells, and springs. The possitive associations are: sunset, Fall, the chalice and cauldron, compassion, peacefulness, love, emotions, intuition, patience, healing, comforting, and mirror. The negative associations are: Floods, rain storms, whirlpools, any kind of harmful water. Its creatures are: fish, cats, amphibians, seals, whales and dolphins.


The Earth is our mother, its soil is nurturing and fertile.Earth corresponds with the direction of North. Its ruler is Ghob, sometimes called Ghom, who oversees the gnomes, dwarfs and the little ones of the moonbeams. Its colors are: greens, browns, earth tones, and metalic colors such as copper and silver. It is considered old and dry. Its places are: caves, canyons, forests, groves, fields, farms, meadows, gardens, mines and kitchens. The possitive associations are: Fertility, Winter, midnight, the pentacle, ritual salt, gemstones, stability, respect, nurturing, grounding, endurance, thoroughness, and purpose in life. The negative associations are: rigidity, unwillingness to change or see another side to a problem, stubborness, lack of conscience, vacillation, earthquakes and slides. Its creatures are: Dog, horse, earthworms, gopher, ant, cow, bull, and burrowing animals.

Akasha or Spirit

Akasha, the changeless source of all energy in which the elements emerge. The relm of possibilities, fate, paths not taken, choice or some even say the soul. It dominates the center of the circle thus balancing all the other elements. Through invocation of the Gods, we are able to blend the Elements bringing forth the desired manifestations. Its colors are the shades: black, white, and grey. Its places are: voids and space. Its creatures are all and none.

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